The canvas has three stages – awareness, engagement, and conversion. Drang and drop assets, select audiences, and conditions, to plan and executeyour campaigns.

Drag and drop campaigns

The drag and drop feature allows users to effortlessly sreate, edite and publish campaigns – all while acting as a whiteboard for planning and visualizing.


The toolbox and library helps organize your audience and creatives, letting you to rapidly put your campaigns into action. 

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IoT Solutions

Fast and Reliable

We offer industry grade connectivity for all kind projects. With the IoT SIM solutions you get any type of M2M data and IoT connectivity fitting your project and need. Our IoT SIM solutions help you to build the required connections, anywhere, so that you can achieve your goals and stay comitted. Discover our M2M Data global options.

Secure and flexible IoT solutions

We always stay comitted to security We can set you up with your own APN and Secure dedicated VPN so data traffic is secured and directly delivered at your Data Centre firewall. The public internet won’t be reached, and you determine yourself what to do with the traffic generated by the end points. Some other features; Fixed IP, IMEI Locking, URL black and white listing and firewall services.

Global possibilities

We offer a very extensive IoT solutions with worldwide coverage from 1 M2M SIM, 1 IoT portal and at . Our IoT data services are very versatile and flexible. Thanks to our network partners in more than 200 countries. You will get multiple networks per country carrier neutral non steered. The IoT solutions connects to over 700 networks worldwide. Specific services like M2M SIM having its benefits per region.

Industry grade values

Whatever M2M SIM solution you choose, you get these benefits:

  • All industry grade and carrier neutral.
  • Permanent roaming allowed all year round and with ease.
  • The IoT portal for SIM management is a part of the IoT solutions service so you can operate independently anywhere in the world.


On top of everything, we support a variety of techniques, so choose Physical 3-1 SIM, eSIM, ChipSIM or QR Code eSIM facilitating your project.

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